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Introduction of voice applications

Voice verification code
The verification method of broadcasting random digital verification codes to end users through voice calls.
Registration and Login

Used for registration and login on platforms such as APPs and websites. Through voice verification codes to avoid malicious registration and ensure the authenticity of users.

Password Retrieval

By calling the mobile phone number reserved by the user when registering, the system automatically broadcasts the verification code to confirm the user's identity and complete the password reset.

Payment Verification

Used for services related to fund payment. Through broadcasting the verification code to the user by voice, the user's identity is verified to avoid causing property losses.

Identity Verification

It is used to verify the identity of the user. It is sent to the user in the form of a telephone voice. After the user answers the phone, he hears the verification code and inputs it into the corresponding interface to complete the verification.

Hello, thank you for using our service. Your verification code is: 3-9-7-8-4. Please enter this group of numbers in the verification box to complete the verification. Thank you.
Voice Notification
Deliver notification information to enterprise users through the voice method.
Meeting Notice

Timely inform the other party of the meeting time, place, meeting theme and other contents to give users a good experience.

Course Notification

Remind relevant information such as course arrangements and the launch of new courses, and let users know the latest developments of the courses in a timely manner to improve the quality of service.

Delivery Receipt Notice / Receiving Notice

Remind users of receiving goods, order feedback, etc., to improve customer satisfaction with considerate service and reduce user churn.

Account Notice

Notify customers that there are new transaction activities in their accounts, and provide timely, personalized and secure services.

Dear user, the balance of the SMS package you purchased has only 100 messages left. To avoid affecting your normal use, please recharge as soon as possible. Thank you.
Voice Callback
The system can quickly connect with customers all over the world in order to timely answer various types of inquiries and complaints.
Appointment Reminder

Send voice appointment reminders in a timely manner to ensure that customers will not miss important appointments because they forget.

Marketing Promotion

Through high-quality voice service to quickly connect global users, carry out the promotion of the company's products and services, and help to improve marketing conversion.

Customer Service Hotline

Docking with the enterprise IP, connecting the enterprise call center, customer service system, etc., to timely answer various types of inquiries and complaints.

User Linkage

Quickly connect with customers all over the world within a few seconds and maintain close contact with them.

Hello, this is Hunan Ta'ao Communication Co., Ltd. First of all, thank you for your continuous support and trust. We are very pleased to inform you that now we have launched a brand-new promotional activity to allow you to enjoy super value discounts! For details, please visit our website or contact customer service. Don't miss this golden opportunity, act quickly! Looking forward to your participation! Thank you and goodbye.


Schools and educational institutions can send voice notifications to students and parents in a more personalized and focused manner. This can not only improve the information arrival rate, but also ensure the immediacy and accuracy of information transmission.
Emergency Notice:

Weather changes, school emergencies or epidemic-related notices can be quickly conveyed to students and parents through voice group sending.

School Start and Vacation Arrangements:

Before the start of the semester or before holidays, send voice messages to notify students and parents about the specific dates and arrangements of the school start and vacation.

Parent-Teacher Association and Important Event Notices:

Use the voice group sending service to remind parents of the meeting time, place and participation matters, or major activities and celebrations in the school.

Grade and Performance Notices:

Regularly send students' grade reports and performance feedback to parents, so that parents can more conveniently understand their children's learning situation.

Course Change and Adjustment Notices:

If there are any changes in the course schedule or classroom adjustments, promptly notify students and parents to ensure the accurate transmission of information.

Health and Safety Education:

Especially in the state of public health emergency, educate students and parents about preventive measures and health suggestions through the voice group sending service.

Voice group sending service can meet the one-to-many communication needs, providing a large-scale and personalized customer communication channel for financial institutions.
Policy and Industry Dynamics Notices:

The financial market is greatly affected by policies. The voice group sending service can be used to push the latest policy changes, market dynamics and other important information to customers.

Account Security Reminders:

When detecting suspicious transactions or account behaviors, customers can be promptly notified through the voice group sending service to improve account security.

Financial Product Promotion:

Through the voice group sending service, suitable financial products such as wealth management products and insurance products can be recommended to target customers according to their needs.

Repayment Reminder:

For financial services such as loans and credit cards, repayment reminders can be set to prevent customers from incurring overdue fines.

Urgent Notice:

In case of emergency events (such as a weak market, a catastrophic event, etc.), this service can be used to quickly notify a large number of customers.

Voice notifications can effectively enhance the activity and loyalty of game players and enhance the gaming experience.
Game Large Update Release:

To enhance the players' sense of anticipation, voice messages can inform the players of the large-scale update information of the game.

Server Maintenance Notice:

When the game needs planned maintenance or in unexpected situations, the voice group sending service can be used to report the status of the server to reduce the inconvenience to the players.

VIP Special Offers:

Send notifications of exclusive discounts, rewards or special tasks to VIP players in the game to increase their loyalty.

Tournaments and Online Event Invitations:

For e-sports or community events, inviting players to participate through voice messages can increase the participation rate of the event.

Game Skills and Progress Reminders:

Provide players with in-game tips or remind them to return to the game to continue their progress to maintain the activity of the players.

Voice notification to residents and property owners can not only improve the speed and accuracy of information delivery, but also increase people's satisfaction and recognition of property management work.
Payment Reminder:

For regular payments such as property management fees and utility bills, the voice group sending service can remind the owners to pay in time to avoid additional fees due to overdue.

Emergency Notice:

In case of emergency repairs, water supply stoppage, power interruption or other emergency situations, the property management can quickly notify all owners and tenants through voice group sending to ensure that they are prepared.

Safety reminder:

Property management can utilize the voice group sending service to inform residents of safety precautions, such as prevention of thieves and fire escape tips, to improve the overall safety awareness of the community.

Event notification:

For activities, lectures, bazaars, etc. organized by the community, the property management can remind residents to participate through voice messages to increase the participation in the activities.

Service feedback collection:

Property management can use the voice group sending service to solicit the feedback of residents on community services, so as to further improve the service quality.

Medical treatment
Voice communication services are crucial to improving the efficiency of medical services, promoting patient education, and meeting the needs of medical services.
Appointment and Visit Reminders:

Voice messages can remind patients of the upcoming appointment time, diagnosis or surgical arrangements to prevent them from forgetting.

Urgent Notice:

In the event of a sudden public health incident or important medical notice, voice group sending can quickly convey information to relevant personnel.

Satisfaction survey:

Through the telephone voice service to collect the feedback of patients on medical services in order to improve the quality of service.

Hospital activity information:

Free clinics, health lectures or other related activities held by the hospital can all notify patients through voice messages.

Health tips:

For example, regularly remind patients to get vaccinated and undergo regular check-ups, etc.

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