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Live elf - Tiktok cross-border live streaming dedicated line

Live streaming acceleration on platforms such as TikTok, Shopee, and Grip, without lag or being marked yellow, allowing you to instantly transform into a local overseas host. It also supports accessing platforms such as ChatGPT, Linktr, Temu, Naver, and Falabellasellers.

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The current trend of interest in e-commerce is essentially driven by the transfer of traffic. At present, TikTok's traffic is undoubtedly the largest, with overseas downloads exceeding 3.5 billion users. The rise of TikTok is unstoppable! The development of one's career cannot be separated from a stable and secure network to safeguard and accelerate progress. Live Elf is a stable network device that specializes in serving TikTok. This product was developed in 2023 by a senior team with 20 years of experience in the communication industry, investing nearly ten million yuan in overseas hardware equipment. It has a unique overseas data center, a secure, legal, and stable network, and exclusive access to native IP and other core technologies Technical barriers and unique overseas data centers have also become cross-border network suppliers for the three major operators. In 2023, the company signed a cooperation agreement with the International Affairs Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission to jointly write new stories for the development of the country's cross-border business (insert cooperation link). We aspire to become a benchmark in the cross-border network industry Pole, providing more stable and high-quality services for both TIKTOK and cross-border users!

High definition live streaming is smooth
High definition live streaming is smooth
The entire process of TikTok high-definition live broadcast is not stuck.
Hardware does not need to be installed
Hardware does not need to be installed
No basic network is required, and it can be used simply by plugging in the power
小Even a novice can get started in one minute
Exclusive overseas native IP
Exclusive overseas native IP
Guarantee the precise operation of TikTok
Data secure transmission
Data secure transmission
Undersea optical cable reaches overseas machine rooms, self-owned machine rooms, servers, high-intensity encryption, and multiple-path transmission.
extremely cost-effective
Extremely cost-effective
Save 80% compared with the operator's dedicated line.
Open area
Open area
The currently opened areas include Malaysia, Taiwan, China, and the United StatesThe countries under continuous development are Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Applicable scenarios


TikTok short videos
TikTok live stream for selling goods
Outdoor live broadcast
Cross-border e-commerce

applicable object


TTikTok short video production
TikTok live stream for selling goods
Tiktok teaching and training & incubating institution
TikTok Outdoor live broadcast
TikTok entertainment live broadcast

Scheme comparison


Comparison of each scheme Cloud server self-construction Operator dedicated line Live fairy golden dedicated line Live fairy platinum dedicated line
Price ¥100/mon 2500-3000/mon ¥200/mon Within a thousand yuan
IP Exclusive native Exclusive native Native IP Exclusive native
bandwidt It is required to borrow the local network. Exclusive dedicated line Shared dedicated line Exclusive dedicated line
Line type share dedicated a small amount of sharing dedicated
stability Lag / Easily drop the line stably smooth stably stably
technical support few during working days 7*24 hours 7*24 hours
usability require high technology easy easy easy
compliance illegal safe and stable safe and stable safe and stable
platform detection Yes No No No
stream push few good good good

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