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Terms and conditions

Fair Usage Policy

1. Policy objectives:

In order to meet the growing demand for mobile data usage from customers, Ta'ao Communications will strive to improve the quality of personal telecommunications services. However, the network usage of Ta'ao Communication is shared by all customers, and high usage customers or customers may occupy a higher amount of network resources when using high usage applications such as peer-to-peer services and network sharing, which may affect the usage of other customers. To ensure that every customer can enjoy mobile data services in a fair and reasonable environment, minimize the impact on other customers, and ensure the stability and security of Ta'ao Communication Network, Ta'ao Communication has formulated this fair use policy, hoping to ensure that every customer has a fair and reasonable opportunity to use mobile data services through the implementation of this policy.

2. Policy implementation:

2.1 When the customer signs the "Mobile Communication Service Application Form", "Ta'ao Communication Mobile Communication Service Terms" and other accompanying documents ("Service Contract") with Ta'ao Communication, Ta'ao Communication will specify in the Service Contract the "Fair Use Data Usage Limit" applicable to the customer's respective service plan, based on the customer's chosen service plan, relevant mobile data fee limits, and relevant value-added services.

2.2 During the period from 00:00 on the 1st day of each month to 23:59 on the last day of each month (the "Monthly Service Period"), when the customer's cumulative usage of mobile data reaches the "Fair Use Data Usage Limit" applicable to the service plan selected by the customer, the customer can still use mobile data services, but Ta'ao Communications will control the data transmission speed (upload and download) to no less than 128 kbps, And restrict the use of peer-to-peer services and network sharing (Tethering) functions, the above control measures will be lifted at the beginning of the next month's service cycle.

2.3 Based on certain factors beyond the control of TAO Communications, including but not limited to performance or functional issues with customer mobile devices, transmission technology, network conditions, website server speed, insufficient capacity, service interruptions from other suppliers or content providers, malfunctions in other communication networks, weather effects, radio interference caused by mountains, sea tunnels, or other substantial obstacles, Ta'ao Communication cannot guarantee the actual data transmission speed (upload and download) when customers use it.

3. Application and modification:

3.1 This principle applies to all customers who use personal telecommunications services provided by TAO Communications. If there is any ambiguity between this principle and the relevant service contract terms, the relevant parts or terms of the service contract shall prevail.

3.2. Ta'ao Communications has the right to revise the terms and conditions of this Fair Use Policy at any time, and shall notify customers of the relevant revisions in a reasonable manner not less than 30 days before the revisions take effect, and on Ta'ao Communications website( )Publish the newly revised fair use policy provisions and their effective dates.

General Terms of Service

(Applicable to all telephone smart card services)

Ta'ao Communication Mobile Communication Service Terms

1. Customer contract of Ta'ao Communication

1.1 These mobile communication service terms ("General Terms") apply to all services provided by Ta'ao Communications.

1.2 All customers using Ta'ao Communications Telecommunications Services must enter into a contract ("Contract") with Ta'ao Communications. The contract consists of the following documents:

(a) Mobile communication service application form;

(b) Any accompanying consent form;

(c) Special terms applicable to individual services ("Special Terms");

(d) These General Terms and Conditions; and

(e) Any applicable policies, provisions, and detailed rules established by TAO Communications.

1.3 If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the various parts of the contract, the documents listed earlier in Article 1.2 shall prevail.

2. Ta'ao Communication's Services

2.1 TAO Communications has the right to refuse, restrict, suspend or stop providing services to customers at its own discretion in the following situations:

(a) The customer failed to provide proof of identity and address;

(b) The customer failed to pass all credit assessments;

(c) The customer is unable to fully pay the price, fees, and/or other services or deposit for the selected mobile communication device; or

(d) The customer failed to complete the relevant real name registration in a timely manner in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, rules, and guidelines.

2.2 Ta'ao Communication's services provided to customers under the contract are only applicable for personal communication purposes and shall not be used for commercial purposes. Customers are not allowed to resell or distribute (a) Ta'ao Communication's services, or (b) any information or content services obtained through Ta'ao Communication's services.

2.3 Ta'ao Communications will provide services to customers with due care and technology. However, the services provided by TAO Communications may be adversely affected due to factors beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to force majeure events, network conditions, or network interference or failures in connection or other services provided by third-party service providers.

2.4 In order to continuously provide services to customers, TAO Communications may need to upgrade, modify, or maintain its network and services from time to time. During this period, the services provided by TAO Communications may be temporarily interrupted or unusable.

2.5 Ta'ao Communications will provide services to customers based on the monthly fees or fees specified in the contract and the start date. Customers agree to abide by the terms of the contract when using the services.

2.6 The services provided by TAO Communications to customers include mobile communication services and value-added services. After the customer's mobile communication service is successfully enabled, they can apply for other value-added services at any time. The special terms and regulations for value-added services will vary depending on the type of value-added service. Customers must comply with the special terms and conditions published by Ta'ao Communications from time to time regarding related value-added services. Ta'ao Communication does not guarantee the applicability and quality of related value-added services for a specific purpose.

2.7 The customer agrees to pay the fees related to value-added services and the relevant regulations when using value-added services, such as call minutes. If the value-added service used by the customer is a conference call service, the conference initiator must pay the fee based on the number and time of all connected phone calls. If the value-added service used by the customer is mobile data service, the customer must pay the fee according to the mobile data usage recorded by Ta'ao Communication.

2.8 Customers can apply for IDD and international roaming services at any time. After successfully applying for IDD and international roaming services and paying the relevant deposit, customers can use IDD and international roaming services in relevant countries or regions where TAO Communications and relevant telecommunications companies have entered into roaming agreements. TAO Communication has the right to change the fees for IDD and international roaming services at any time without prior notice. Customers should call TAO Communication's customer service hotline (852) 30696788 or browse TAO Communication's website for the latest fees and guidelines before using IDD and international roaming services.

2.9 All services provided by Ta'ao Communication according to the daily fee plan will be charged from 00:00 to 23:59 in the East Eighth District.

3. Smart card

3.1 When the customer signs a contract with TAO Communications and fulfills payment obligations according to the contract terms, TAO Communications will provide the customer with smart cards or other mobile communication devices based on the services that the customer intends to use or is currently using. Unless otherwise agreed in writing or specified in this contract, the smart card belongs to the property of TAO Communications and is lent to the customer for use by TAO Communications. The customer has no right to transfer, modify or alter the smart card on their own.

3.2 The smart cards provided by Ta'ao Communication to customers are equipped with internet numbers and do not have voice or SMS functions. The virtual internet number assigned is temporarily leased to the customer by Ta'ao Communications. If the number is suspended or terminated for any reason, the customer confirms and agrees to immediately abandon the assigned number and return it to Ta'ao Communications.

3.3 If the intelligent cocaine lent to customers by TAO Communication is damaged due to normal use by customers, TAO Communication has the right to decide to repair or replace it free of charge. If the customer or TAO Communication terminates the contract, the customer must immediately return and deliver the smart card to TAO Communication's designated store as notified by TAO Communication. Only customers are required to pay the maintenance or replacement fees agreed upon by TAO Communications from time to time in the following situations:

(a) The customer did not immediately return and deliver the smart card to the designated store of TAO Communications as notified by TAO Communications; or

(b) Damage to smart cards caused by customer or any third party's abuse, misuse, negligence, or intentional destruction; or

(c) Due to the loss or theft of the smart card.

3.4 If the customer's smart card is lost or stolen, the customer must immediately call the customer service hotline Hong Kong (852) 30696788, Chinese Mainland 4000980086 or visit the ta'ao telecom outlet to notify the relevant events of ta'ao telecom, and must supplement the written notice to ta'ao telecom within 2 working days and request to suspend the service. Until Ta'ao Communication receives the aforementioned written notice from the customer and ceases to provide communication services related to the smart card, the customer shall still be fully responsible for all expenses incurred due to the loss or theft of their smart card. And in any case, customers still need to pay monthly service fees or fees.

4. Deposits, deposits or prepayments

4.1 At any time, customers may need to pay a deposit, deposit, or advance payment in order to enjoy the services or mobile communication devices provided by TAO Communications. Ta'ao Communications has the right to determine the amount of deposits, deposits, and prepayments.

4.2 Without prejudice to any other rights and remedies of TAO Communications, TAO Communications has the right to offset any deposits, deposits or prepayments paid by customers:

(a) The fees that the customer is required to pay under this contract or other contract terms signed with TAO Communications but have not been paid on time;

(b) Any losses or damages incurred by TAO Communications due to the customer's breach of this contract or other contractual terms signed with TAO Communications.

4.3 After the termination of this contract and in accordance with the provisions of Article 6.2, Ta Ao Communication shall offset all overdue fees payable and/or losses or damages incurred by Ta Ao Communication due to the customer's violation of this contract or other contract terms signed with Ta Ao Communication. The remaining deposit, deposit or prepayment (if any) shall be refunded to the customer without interest within a reasonable time.

4.4 The customer confirms that once Ta'ao Communication goes through liquidation, the customer may not be able to retrieve the paid deposit, deposit, or prepayment. The customer agrees to bear the risk of paying the deposit, deposit, or advance payment on their own.

5. Service fees and payments

5.1 Regarding the services and mobile communication devices provided by Ta'ao Communication to the customer, the customer agrees to pay the fees listed in this contract on time, regardless of whether the services and mobile communication devices are used by the customer or other third parties.

5.2 When entering into the contract, the customer shall pay the first month's service monthly fee, the cost of purchasing mobile communication devices, fees related to smart cards (if applicable), or other prepayments. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or in the case of prepaid stored value cards, TAO Communications will issue monthly bills to customers from the date of service activation to collect any monthly service fees and other prepaid fees that need to be paid in advance for the current month. Even if the usage is less than one month, the entire monthly fee and other service fees calculated based on usage for the previous month must be paid. When possible, the bill may display the service fees calculated based on usage for the previous month, but sometimes the relevant fees may only be displayed in subsequent bills.

5.3 All fees do not include any and all applicable taxes, including value-added tax (if any) and additional fees required by laws and regulations (if any). TAO Communications will separately request payment of such taxes and fees in the invoice.

5.4 Ta'ao Communication issues bills in US dollars, and customers should pay the fees shown on the bills in US dollars. Customers must pay the full amount shown on the bill within the payment date indicated on the bill ("due date"). The customer must pay all fees shown on the bill or outstanding under this contract, without offsetting or deducting them. For any overdue fees owed by customers, TAO Communications has the right to charge interest at the most favorable loan rate of HSBC Bank Limited plus two percent (2%) or the maximum amount allowed by law (whichever is higher) from the due date of the relevant fees or arrears, until the fees are fully paid.

5.5 Ta'ao Communication will send the bill to the customer's online account through electronic means, and the customer can log in to the online account to check the bill.

5.6 Ta'ao Communication is committed to ensuring that bills must be accurately issued to customers. Unless it is fully proven that the records of Ta'ao Communication are incorrect, Ta'ao Communication's records are accurate proof of the service fees payable by the customer. If the customer believes that there is an error in the fees on the bill and wishes to make any inquiries or objections regarding such fees, they must notify TAO Communications within 30 days from the date of issuance of the bill. Otherwise, the bill will be deemed accurate and accepted by the customer. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, this clause does not exempt the customer from the responsibility of paying the billing fee before the billing due date.

5.7 In order to better manage the usage of customer services, Ta'ao Communication has the right to set a credit limit for each customer and may revise the credit limit from time to time according to the situation. When the customer's service usage reaches or exceeds their credit limit, Ta'ao Communication will suspend providing services to customers. However, in any case, customers must still pay relevant fees to Ta'ao Communication based on their service usage exceeding their credit limit.

5.8 If the customer enters into more than one service contract or other agreement with TAO Communications, TAO Communications has the absolute right to offset the customer's account balance under any one service contract or agreement against the debt under other service contracts or agreements, or transfer the balance to other service contracts or agreements.

6. Customer Responsibilities

6.1 The customer shall promptly fulfill all obligations and responsibilities stipulated in this contract.

6.2 The customer shall provide documents as required by TAO Communications to prove the authenticity and accuracy of the information filled out by the customer in the contract. If there is a change in the address or other information provided by the customer to TAO Communication, it may affect the services provided by TAO Communication to the customer, mail bills or issue relevant notices. The customer needs to notify TAO Communication of the change in relevant information as soon as possible.

6.3 To ensure that customers can continue to receive bills issued by TAO Communications, customers are responsible for regularly checking their mobile phone messages and online accounts. If customers fail to receive bills, they must contact TAO Communications as soon as possible.

6.4 The customer shall bear all expenses related to the service and mobile communication equipment, as well as all fees or levies imposed by any government or regulatory agency for the use of the service anywhere, including but not limited to all call fees, applicable taxes, mobile service license and administrative fees, overdue interest, and legal fees incurred by Ta'ao Communication and/or its agents due to the customer's failure to pay any service or mobile communication equipment fees on time.

6.5 When customers use the services or mobile communication devices provided by TAO Communications, they must always comply with the "Fair Use Policy", relevant real name registration regulations, and any applicable jurisdictional laws published by TAO Communications on its website from time to time. The customer shall be fully responsible for the use of the services or mobile communication devices provided by TAO Communications by any other person (whether or not authorized by the customer) as if the customer is using the relevant services.

6.6 For the convenience of customers using self-service, customers will be assigned a personal password and personal identification number. Customers must take all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and proper use of their personal passwords and identification numbers, and shall not disclose them to any third party. If the customer discovers that any person is using the customer's personal password and personal identification number without authorization, the customer should immediately notify TAO Communications; Otherwise, the customer shall be fully responsible for all expenses until Ta'ao Communication receives notification from the customer that the service will be suspended. In any case, customers are still required to pay monthly service fees or fees.

6.7 The customer must ensure that the mobile communication device used by the customer is compatible with the services provided by TAO Communications, and that the mobile communication device complies with and complies with the settings, reasonable procedures, and any applicable jurisdictional requirements notified by TAO Communications.

6.8 Customers are not allowed to use any services and mobile communication devices provided by TAO Communications

(a) Sending or disseminating any text messages, multimedia messages, content or materials that may be obscene, unethical, vulgar, indecent, causing public anxiety, false, fraudulent, defamatory, discriminatory, infringing on privacy, threatening, insulting, provocative, inciting racial hatred, or illegal;

(b) Sending or disseminating any non invited business messages or content, or infringing intellectual property rights;

(c) Any act that may constitute an encouragement to commit a criminal offense, infringe upon the rights of others, commit fraud, or violate applicable laws of jurisdiction;

(d) Make any actions that may interfere with or damage, or attempt to interfere with or damage Ta'ao Communications or any third-party network;

(e) Take any actions that may damage the reputation of Ta'ao Communications.

6.9 The customer acknowledges and agrees that the intellectual property rights of the services, mobile communication devices, and content provided by TAO Communications belong to TAO Communications, and third-party service providers of TAO Communications may be authorized.

6.10 The customer shall not resell or in any form distribute the services and mobile communication equipment provided by TAO Communications to any third party, and shall not transfer or distribute all or any of the customer's rights and obligations under this contract.

7. Suspend or terminate services

7.1 Ta'ao Communication may terminate this contract or any service by giving the customer no less than 30 days' prior notice without any reason, without any compensation to the customer.

7.2 The customer may terminate this contract or any service by calling the customer service hotline (852) 30696788 or providing Ta'ao Communications with no less than 30 days' notice in person at the Ta'ao Communications store without any reason, provided that the customer complies with relevant regulations (if applicable).

7.3 Ta'ao Communications may, at any time, restrict, suspend, terminate or cancel this Agreement or any of its services by giving notice to the customer as soon as feasible under any of the following circumstances:

(a) The customer fails to pay any service or mobile communication device fees on time;

(b) The customer violates or Ta'ao Communication reasonably believes that the customer has violated any of the terms of this agreement;

(c) The customer's service usage or fees exceed the credit limit or usage limit set by TAO Communications from time to time, or do not comply with the "Fair Use Policy";

(d) The customer applies for or is ordered to go bankrupt, become insolvent, or make any arrangement or composition with creditors, or transfer for the benefit of creditors, or engage in automatic (not due to restructuring or merger) liquidation or compulsory liquidation, or has appointed a receiver or manager (or a person with equivalent functions in the applicable country or region) to handle the customer's assets;

(e) Ta'ao Communication must maintain, repair, test, improve or upgrade its network to ensure its integrity, security or updates;

(f) Ta'ao Communication encounters technical difficulties or is unable to continue providing services to customers commercially;

(g) Ta'ao Communication was unable to continue providing services to customers due to third-party service providers ceasing to provide their services; or

(h) Applicable jurisdictional laws, courts or regulatory authorities ruling that the services provided under this Agreement are in violation of relevant laws, regulations or provisions, or Ta O Communications reasonably believes that the services are in violation of existing laws, regulations or provisions of the government or regulatory authorities, or other applicable jurisdictional laws.

7.4 TAO Communications may, without notice, suspend, terminate, or cancel this Agreement or any of its services at any time in any of the following circumstances:

(a) The relevant services violate existing laws, regulations or provisions;

(b) In emergency situations, Ta'ao Communications must update, repair, upgrade or repair its network.

(c) Customers or other individuals (whether authorized by the customer or not) use or use the customer's smart card or the services provided by TAO Communications for any improper or illegal purposes, or for any purposes that may constitute improper or illegal, or use or send any vulgar, threatening or obscene language, message or content to TAO Communications employees or customers, or send any content that is not allowed to be sent under these terms to the outside world, Or violate relevant applicable laws, regulations or provisions;

7.5 If Ta'ao Communication suspends providing any service to customers in accordance with Article 7.3 (a), (b), (c), (d) or Article 7.4 (c), the service shall continue to incur fees during the suspension period until (1) Ta'ao Communication terminates the provision of the service or this Agreement; Or (2) the customer shall make up for the relevant breach until Ta'ao Communication reconnects the service. Ta'ao Communication reserves the right to request customers to pay the connection fee when reconnecting services.

7.6 If the customer terminates this contract or any service before the expiration of the relevant minimum contract period in accordance with Article 7.2 or Ta O Communication in accordance with Article 7.3 (a), (b), (c), (d) or Article 7.4 (c), all rebates and discounts that the customer could have enjoyed during the remaining months of the minimum contract period will be cancelled in real time. In addition to paying all unpaid and overdue fees in real time, customers are also required to pay the following early termination fees:

(a) The total amount of monthly fees payable for the remaining months within the shortest contract period shall be used as liquidated damages (rather than fines); and

(b) An administrative fee of USD 30 for early termination of the contract;

Only customers who cancel the contract during the applicable cooling off period (if any) provided by TAO Communication can be exempted from paying early termination fees.

7.7 If the customer enters into this contract for the promotion activities of TAO Communication and obtains any benefits related to services or mobile communication devices in real time, and terminates this contract or any service in advance within the shortest contract period, TAO Communication has the right to deduct or cancel such benefits or deduct a reasonable value equivalent to such benefits from any account of the customer, or recover such benefits from the customer.

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 Ta'ao Communications will provide services with reasonable technology and prudence that telecommunications service providers should have, and will make every reasonable effort to re provide services in the event of inability to connect to the network. TAO Communications has not made any other express or implied warranties or commitments under this Agreement.

8.2 The Customer agrees and confirms that TAO Communications shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, sudden or consequential loss or damage caused by any malfunction, interruption or delay in the services or mobile communication equipment provided under this Agreement, or any other direct and indirect loss or damage caused by any accident (including loss of profit or other losses, whether or not such loss is caused by the negligence of TAO Communications, its employees, agents, contractors or third-party service providers).

8.3 Due to third-party service providers refusing or delaying the provision of services to TAO Communications, and TAO Communications being unable to obtain replacement services at reasonable cost; If the provision of services by Ta'ao Communication is hindered due to legal or regulatory limitations, Ta'ao Communication is not responsible to customers for the failure to provide services.

8.4 For any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to profit income), data loss or damage, or loss or damage caused by the spread of any virus, whether under contract, tort, regulation or other reasons (including negligence in each case) arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or any of the Services, the Customer agrees and confirms that TAO Communications shall not be liable for any such loss or damage.

8.5 If Ta'ao Communication causes direct loss or damage to the customer, whether based on contract, infringement, regulations or other reasons, to the extent permitted by law, Ta'ao Communication's liability is limited to direct damage to the customer's personal real estate or tangible assets, and is limited to the total amount of 12 months of service fee paid by the customer under this contract or a service before the direct loss or damage occurs. The direct loss or damage caused by personal injury or death is not limited to this.

9. Force Majeure Events

If a force majeure event results in or causes Ta'ao Communication to fail to provide services according to the contract, Ta'ao Communication shall not be held responsible for this. Force majeure events include but are not limited to unforeseeable, unforeseeable, uncontrollable, and uncontrollable events beyond the control of TAO Communications, such as any extremely severe weather, floods, collapses, earthquakes, storms, lightning, fires, subsidence, epidemics, terrorist activities, military conflicts (whether declared or not), riots, explosions, strikes, or other labor riots, civil riots, sabotage Any event beyond the reasonable control of government departments or other actions. If the force majeure event continues continuously for 30 days, either the customer or Ta'ao Communication can notify the other party to terminate the contract immediately.

10. Personal Information

10.1 The Personal Data Privacy Policy of TAO Communications is an integral part of this agreement and customers may request or browse the Personal Data Privacy Policy published on the website from time to time at each TAO Communications store.

10.2 To provide services, Ta'ao Communications will require customers to provide personal information. If the customer refuses to provide personal information, Ta'ao Communication reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the customer.

10.3 The customer agrees and understands that Ta'ao Communications will use the collected personal information for the following purposes:

(a) Verify customer information and identity;

(b) Handle customer service requests and provide Ta'ao Communications products, services, equipment and rewards, loyalty and superior customer programs to customers;

(c) Handling customer instructions, requests, and responding to customer inquiries, including but not limited to payment instructions and providing corresponding services to TAO Communications, including direct deductions and/or credit limits requested by customers;

(d) Conduct investigation and analysis to understand and evaluate, or explore, the customer's demand for services, credit limits, and payment status;

(e) Evaluate the debt owed by the client;

(f) Perform credit audits and management, including debt collection;

(g) Provide daily operations of customer products and services;

(h) Conduct surveys, research, and analysis to improve and optimize the services and/or loyal customer plans provided by Ta'ao Communications to customers, as well as the customer service experience;

(i) Design other products and services for customers, and/or optimize existing products or services of Ta'ao Communication;

(j) Promote marketing products, services, and other activities and matters to customers with their consent (please refer to Ta'ao Communication's privacy policy);

(k) Enable TAO Communications to fulfill any responsibility for interconnecting communication or comply with other industry rules;

(l) To comply with any disclosure requests made by government or regulatory authorities with applicable jurisdiction, as well as applicable laws, regulations, rules or court orders;

(m) Investigating or preventing the occurrence of crimes; and

(n) Any other purpose directly or indirectly related to the above purposes.

10.4 Customers must notify TAO Communications of any changes in personal information that may affect the services provided by TAO Communications to customers. At the reasonable request of TAO Communications, customers must provide information about customers and their use of services in order to assist TAO Communications

(a) Compliance with responsibilities under any applicable laws of jurisdiction;

(b) Report to any government or regulatory agency regarding the fulfillment of the above (a) responsibilities; and

(c) Assess whether the customer is able to comply with or fulfill their various responsibilities under this contract.

10.5 In order to facilitate the provision of services by TAO Communications, the client authorizes TAO Communications to disclose or transfer personal information to its subsidiaries, agents, contractors, other telecommunications network providers, and third-party service providers (including but not limited to credit management, credit information service institutions, credit providers, or other financial institutions) within or outside Hong Kong.

10.6 If there is a change in the customer's personal information (such as name or address) that will affect Ta'ao Communication's provision of services to the customer, the customer must notify Ta'ao Communication as soon as possible. Otherwise, Ta'ao Communication will rely on the personal information provided by the customer.

11. Notice from TAO Communications

All communications or notices issued under this Agreement, unless otherwise provided by applicable jurisdictional laws, may be sent to the customer's service message or message via letter, bill endorsement or attachment, posted on the customer's website, or sent through other channels deemed appropriate by Ta O Communications, and shall be deemed properly delivered to the customer in the following circumstances:

(a) If delivered by a dedicated person, upon successful delivery;

(b) Sent by mail, on the next working day after mailing;

(c) Sent by fax, message or electronic means, upon successful transmission to the customer; or

(d) On the first day of publication on a website or newspaper.

12. General Terms and Conditions

12.1 Prior to obtaining written consent from TAO Communications, the Customer shall not transfer, transfer or otherwise assign any rights and responsibilities under this Agreement in whole or in part to any third party.

12.2 Without prior notice to the client, TAO Communications has the right to (a) transfer any rights and responsibilities under this Agreement to any third party; (b) Free sale of accounts receivable obtained under this contract; And (c) entrust the provision of this contract or any part of the services to agents, contractors, or other third-party service providers, except that TAO Communications will be responsible for the actions of its agents, contractors, or other third-party service providers.

12.3 The services provided by TAO Communications may be governed by laws and regulations of one or more jurisdictions. If the services provided by TAO Communications are found or reasonably understood to be in violation of relevant laws or regulations or require any additional licensing requirements in an applicable jurisdiction outside Hong Kong, TAO Communications has the right to notify the customer at any time to cancel or terminate the services in accordance with Article 10 and Article 15. Customers must pay any fees that must be paid before canceling or terminating the service, but no other fees are required. TAO Communications will not be responsible for any other losses or expenses that may affect the service due to changes in laws and regulations.

12.4 The rights and obligations of both parties, including but not limited to the relevant provisions of this Agreement, shall continue to be effective after the expiration or termination of this Agreement based on their nature.

12.5 If any provision of this Agreement is determined by the court to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed independent of the other provisions of this Agreement and shall not affect the validity and performance of the other provisions under any circumstances.

12.6 Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, no exercise or delay in exercising any right, power or privilege under this Agreement shall be deemed a waiver of any right, power or privilege unless expressly stated in writing.

12.7 Any disputes arising from or in connection with this Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the country where TAO Communications is located, and shall be exclusively under the jurisdiction of the courts of the country where TAO Communications is located.

13. Definition

13.1 In this Agreement, the following words have the following meanings:

Ta'ao Communication refers to Hunan Ta'ao Communication Co., Ltd.

Customers refer to customers who are clearly defined and contracted in the telecommunications service contract.

Services refer to any mobile communication services provided by TAO Communications to customers under this Agreement, including but not limited to mobile voice, mobile data or value-added services, or other services.

Application refers to a written telecommunications service application, or a non written application that is explicitly agreed upon by TAO Communications to provide services to customers.

The shortest contract period refers to the shortest fixed contract period specified in the contract.

The activation date refers to the date when the service is available for customer use, which is the official effective date of the contract.

Network refers to the telecommunications network owned or operated by TAO Communications under a license, including all facilities used in or related to the network and equipment provided by TAO Communications to customers for use.

Monthly fees refer to the various fees specified by TAO Communications in the contract or website that customers are required to pay to TAO Communications for related services on a monthly basis.

The monthly fee plan refers to the designated service usage plan selected by the customer within the contract or automatically upgraded according to the agreement of the customer under this contract, or the designated service usage plan changed by Ta O Communication.

Fees refer to the designated fees that Ta'ao Communications may from time to time publish or notify customers in contracts or websites regarding the services or mobile communication devices provided, and customers are required to pay various fees to Ta'ao Communications for the relevant services during the relevant payment period.

Mobile data refers to any data or information transmitted or received through the network or by roaming partners who provide data services.

Mobile communication devices refer to mobile wireless phones, other wireless devices, login devices, or devices or accessories used in conjunction with mobile communication services.

Content refers to any data, information, images, audiovisual content, applications, downloadable files, or other multimedia content that can be obtained through the use of services.

IDD refers to international long-distance telephone services that include various dialing methods (including but not limited to direct dialing).

Smart cards refer to user identification cards including USIM cards and eSIM.

A subsidiary, in relation to an entity, refers to (a) any entity controlled by it; (b) Any entity that controls it; Or (c) any other entity controlled by the entity described in item (b).

Personal information refers to any name, address, service provision information, or service billing information.

Message refers to the sending of short messages, images, emails, or data through electronic channels or other channels or circumstances.

A third-party service provider refers to any third-party provider that provides information or content services that can be obtained and used through Ta'ao Communications services.

Government agencies refer to any government or semi official, administrative, financial or judicial organization, department, committee, agency, tribunal, agency or unit with applicable jurisdiction.

License refers to the license issued by government agencies from time to time to TAO Communications to authorize our company to provide services.

A working day refers to any day other than a Sunday or public holiday.

Applicable jurisdiction involves any service or action, which refers to the laws and regulations of the applicable country or political subdivision where the service is provided, or where the action or inaction is located.

Customer complaint resolution plan

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2. Intellectual Property

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3. Disclaimer

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4. Limitation of Liability

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5. Confidentiality

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7. Separability

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