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Innovative Communication | Talk2all Shines at the 2024 GCCM Conference in Singapore

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Moving Forward Together for a Glorious Future


Telecom Summit

At the forefront telecommunications event — the 11th Asia GCCM Global Carrier Community Meeting (GCCM) held by the Carrier Community (CC), Talk2all captured everyone's attention with its outstanding technology and solutions. This significant conference, held from May 29 to 30, 2024, in Singapore, gathered data, cloud computing, application providers, and operators from over 40 countries and regions, providing an extensive platform for industry exchange and collaboration.

Industry Gala


Since its establishment in 2008, the Global Carrier Community has attracted over 2,300 operators from more than 120 countries and regions, along with over 8,500 members. It has built a platform for sharing experiences, discussing trends, and networking, bringing together many participants to explore the future development of the industry.


Global Perspective

As a member of the global telecommunications industry, Talk2all showcased several distinctive products at this year's conference:

Global Voice Communication Services: Providing reliable and stable international call experiences for both businesses and individuals with the advantages of high quality and low costs.

eSIM Card Services: No need for a physical card or delivery; users can recharge and switch networks freely through the Talk2all APP.
International SMS Platform: Delivering messages within three seconds, regardless of language, with the capability to send to multiple destinations, effectively covering numerous countries and regions.
Global Internet Card Services: Enjoying high-speed and convenient internet connections anytime, anywhere, with coverage in over 200 countries and regions.

Exchange and Sharing


Talk2all is dedicated to providing more efficient and convenient communication experiences through technological innovation and service optimization. From precise data analysis to reliable network support, Talk2all fully considers various scenarios and challenges encountered by different industries and individuals in actual usage, striving to meet the diverse and personalized needs of customers with each product.

Talk2all Talk2all

Talk2all deeply understands global market trends and develops solutions with a forward-looking vision for future development. For example, the latest eSIM technology adopted by Talk2all eliminates the hassle of changing SIM cards for international travelers. Talk2all's global voice communication services boast extensive coverage and stable call quality, ensuring seamless communication even in remote areas. Additionally, Talk2all's SMS platform enhances information delivery efficiency and marketing effectiveness through big data analytics and refined operations management, allowing enterprises to accurately reach their target customers with ease.

Whether in functional innovation or user experience, Talk2all has always been at the forefront of the industry, meeting current market needs while proactively planning for future development, fully supporting the new era of modern communication.


Exchange and Sharing

During the two-day intensive and fulfilling agenda, Talk2all's team representatives engaged with industry partners worldwide to discuss the latest trends in voice, SMS, and data services, sharing global practices in driving business innovation and development. The frequent and extensive interactions led to lively business discussions. Many partners praised Talk2all's strong technical capabilities and comprehensive and flexible problem-solving solutions, expressing a strong interest in further collaboration.


Continuing to Excel

Over the years, Talk2all has consistently strengthened its presence in the global telecommunications industry by deeply exploring product value and enriching application scenarios to meet the diverse needs of enterprises through its service experiences in e-commerce, logistics, gaming, retail, and the technology sectors.
Based on profound insights into industry trends and enterprise needs, Talk2all will continue to focus on product innovation and quality enhancement, providing high-quality and efficient communication services and industry solutions to users worldwide. Talk2all looks forward to connecting with you.