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International Women's Day | Tribute to the Extraordinary Her

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Today, we celebrate those resilient, courageous, and creative women. Whether they are leaders in the workplace or guardians at home, they are shaping our world in their own unique ways. Female employees contribute immensely to our company's development with their distinctive charm and tenacity.

To express our gratitude for the hard work and outstanding performance of our female colleagues, the company has specially selected a range of practical and thoughtful gifts.

Let us remember that every woman is unique, and their contributions and achievements should not be overlooked. Women are consistently at the forefront, illuminating the light of hope with their wisdom and strength.


Showcasing women's new style, reflecting the spirit of the times

The most beautiful March days in the human world, when spring flowers bloom and laughter spreads.

In this sunny, blossom-rich season, we welcome International Women's Day, filled with happiness, joy, and gratitude. International Women's Day, also known as the "United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace," celebrated globally on March 8th, is an important symbol of the world's respect for women.

In ancient China, influenced by feudal rituals, women were expected to "not show teeth when laughing, not reveal feet when walking," strictly adhering to the "Three Obediences and Four Virtues," with the notion that "a woman's lack of talent is her virtue," oppressively confining women's social status. Despite this, many outstanding women emerged: Empress Wu Zetian, the top female poet Li Qingzhao, warrior Mulan who took her father's place in the army, and military leader Mu Guiying... With effort and resilience, they demonstrated that "women can match men in bravery" and "women hold up half the sky."

Marx said, "Women are a great force in creating human civilization and driving social progress, an indispensable living force in revolutionary construction."

As women, we are fortunate to live in a new era of equality between men and women worldwide. Everywhere, women have the same opportunities and platforms as men to showcase their talents and contribute to society, thereby realizing personal value.

In the coming year, we will continue to foster the spirit of the new era: self-respect, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-improvement. We will strive for progress in our respective positions, work diligently, and use our sweat, wisdom, and abilities to contribute to the development of the enterprise and showcase the beauty of women's strength. In this special festival, we wish every woman health, smooth work, a joyful life, and a happy family!